Hello  My name is Lynne and I’m a mother whose kids have long flown the nest. I’ve always enjoyed cooking and over the years have enjoyed preparing food for friends and family.

In a past life I was  busy running a home of four while holding down a job and following a multitude of  interests as diversified as  cake decorating, playing the piano and trying to learn French.  In my kitchen it was a matter of pride that cooking, baking and even preserving fruit and vegetables were all done from scratch.

Now, after 45  years of being one  half of a couple, I find myself single again and what a journey it has been.  Being single in the kitchen quickly made me realise that, for me, cooking for other people is what really makes it a pleasurable task.  Initially it was a bit of a struggle for me to be creative in the kitchen when cooking for just for myself; but further down the singleton track I decided that I’m not going to through in the towel and stop doing what I love.   If you are in a similar situation I’d like to help make your culinary endeavours happy and exciting.

Cooking for One Can be Fun

Yes,cooking for one can be fun! I agree it can be hard at times to work up the enthusiasm for cooking a nutritious and delicious meal for one, but we all want to eat something that looks and tastes nice and has been lovingly prepared.  So I’m here to help you see it can be fun to prepare a fantastic meal for the most important person in your life – YOU.